Monday, 27 June 2016

Blog post: 5 waves up, 3 waves down on my charted 2015/16 profits. Rally due?

Tongue in cheek post title, sort of. Wave count on the chart below should be clear, so I haven't labelled it. Rally is due. 

Often after I've carefully followed my systems for a few months and thereby had a good run of profits, I get a big head and allow my discipline to slip. I call it "Genius mode" (with a sarcastic tone as it is anything but genius). That's what happened from January. I started to trade my opinions as much as my systems.

It's up to me now to make the profit rally happen. Time to get my head down, do the day to day grind, and trade my systems. 

I might now be quieter on Twitter and the blog, especially with charts and opinions on markets. At this time I need to block out a certain amount of noise to focus on trading well. I'll see how I go.