Wednesday, 27 April 2016

NASDAQ 100 lower from juncture of daily & weekly chart trend lines

I haven't posted a NASDAQ 100 big picture chart for some time. Today's a good day to rectify that. Weekly chart including all sessions trade.

Daily for good measure.

Short ASX 200 and NASDAQ 100

Some who follow me on Twitter will have seen that today I went short the ASX 200 (at 5243 stop 5295, see tweet here for timestamp) and last week went short the NASDAQ 100 (at 4535 stop 4594, see tweet here for timestamp).

Even though trading is a far more interesting topic than charting I don't often share my market positioning, largely because I mostly trade hourly charts and there is simply not time to discuss all or even many of my trades.

On this occasion I thought I would record these trade entries on the blog, as given my reading of the big picture charts I believe there is good potential for these positions to go my way for months. I most recently posted charts for the ASX 200 here and NASDAQ 100 here, though the NASDAQ post does not cover the big picture.

Also I am sharing as an experiment to see if my head can handle it. If the trades go against me, I'll be stopped out, no worries, that's easy. But if they go my way, will it mess with my head and ability to hold an optimum time? Let's see, I hope.

This post is not advice or a recommendation to take any action yourself yada yada, see full disclaimer here.