Sunday, 23 October 2016

Blog post: #EURUSD #SPX & #XJO charts

I mostly post charts direct to Twitter, but as they tend to get lost in my feed, for ease of future reference I like to occasionally post to Ye Olde blog, which also gives me a bit more space to ramble. 

USD strength looks set to drive global markets markets in coming weeks and months, judging by the recent downside break by EUR/USD. Weekly chart.

S&P 500 daily chart next. Recent action shows a downward bias, breaking lower through support at the up trend line. Clearly the horizontal support line is the key to the direction of the next trend. No wave count on chart as I don't have a high confidence count to share.

ASX/SPI 200 daily chart next. There's a clear downward bias to recent price action. The horizontal line of potential support has further touches off to the left, and whether it is broken or not will determine the direction of future trend. No wave count on chart as I don't have a high confidence count to share. 

ASX/SPI 200 4 hour chart shows a potential Head & Shoulders top.


  1. Mate,

    I have never seen any of your predictions coming even vaguely true.

    The above stands, even after allowing for the fact that you change your predictions so very often. Realistically, rapidly changing predictions should enhance the chance of success .. but, no ... even that is not helping you.

    You should really amend the approach you take .... for your own good.

    I mean well ... OK ... understand that.
    Just trying to help you.

    1. Yes .... Anonymous ... you are correct.