Sunday, 8 May 2016

ASX 200 daily and weekly charts, lower from dual trend line resistance

Daily chart. Charts include after hours trade.

Weekly line chart most clearly shows the primary wave count that I am working with, with wave 3 lower toward 4000 set to begin from near current levels. Has wave C peaked at the dual trend line resistance shown on the daily chart? It may have, but need a move below 5200 to shift the chances from possible to likely, in my view.


  1. Now, that's the way, Mate. Great !!!

    Read your responses to previous mutterings by me = I like it !! ... great attitude displayed by yourgoodself.

    Asking questions: "Has Wave C peaked ..." As I suggested = more 'measured', which is respectful of 'anything can happen ' and therefore good.

    I'll leave you alone now, promise.

    Have to tell you : I like your work. Also really like the way that you are prepared to be bold:- Remember " Fortune favours the brave ".

    Continue, within reason, to put it out there ... that's a defining strength of yours.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck Mate.

    Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it, really I do. Cheers.