Monday, 28 July 2014

S&P 500 still trending up, while Dow breaks lower from bearish wedge, a divergence that will not last

First chart illustrates that the S&P 500 continues to trend up.

Second chart shows that in contrast to the S&P, the Dow has broken lower from a bearish wedge pattern. Both charts include all sessions trade through to the current European session.

So have US stocks topped as the Dow is signalling, or will they continue to trend higher as per the S&P? Nobody knows, of course, but the benefit of doubt must be given to the up trend, unless the Dow's break lower proves itself to be genuine by declining swiftly and relentlessly. As I have stated many times before (most recently here), and as the longer term charts suggest, the June low is key. Below that and the top could be in.