Sunday, 11 August 2013

ASX 200 weekly chart

It's been several weeks since I've posted a chart for the ASX 200, and longer since I've posted anything other than a long term weekly chart. To my eye, other markets have presented better trading opportunities. Sorry but I've nothing new to add with this post. It will get interesting again at some point, of that you can be certain.

S&P 500 approaching another test of key support shelf?

4 hour chart begs the question, is the S&P approaching another test of the illustrated support shelf?

Zooming out now to the weekly chart and repeating my comments from Friday, the S&P 500 continues to grind higher against trend line resistance. As a rule of thumb, the longer a market grinds against resistance, the more likely it is to burst through. So, is the S&P setting up for a final blow off top? I have discussed and illustrated that blow off potential many times previously, most recently here, so won't go over it again now..

EUR/USD reaching potential key inflection point?

The EUR/USD is testing resistance at a key down trend line on the weekly chart, and testing support at a key up trend on shorter term charts. If (if) short term support gives way, will the longer term down trend kick off a new leg lower?

Weekly chart shows the big picture.

4 hour chart shows the shorter term view.

#Canberra residential rental listings hit another record high, have doubled in the past two years

Canberra and Queanbeyan residential housing listings to 11 August 2013

If you're interested in analysis of the Canberra property market, I strongly recommend a look at Capital Appreciation's site