Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Avid Investor model portfolio adds BKL

BKL - Blackmores
Bought 153 @ 32.43
Stop Loss 29.24 (illustrated with horizontal line)
Risk to Capital 0.49%
Trade entered due to stock hitting new highs after a long period of consolidation. 

BKL completes a round of entering positions on ASX 200 strength, and there are no more entries on the radar at this time. Now to see what happens. The market is offering very few stocks meeting the portfolio's preferred entry criteria of rallying to new highs following an extended consolidation. However there are many stocks in extended record high up trends, by extended I mean price is extended a sizeable distance from the most recent consolidation. If the ASX 200 shows further strength in coming weeks and months, on a pull back the portfolio will look to enter trades in some of those extended up trend stocks. If the ASX 200 pulls back immediately, no new positions will be entered until fresh highs are made.   

Portfolio summary is shown below. Portfolio rules are here.

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