Monday, 26 December 2011

AUD/USD weekly chart bullish divergence

Weekly trend is down but momentum is showing a bullish divergence.

The bullish cross of the moving averages argues that the daily chart trend is up, albeit weakly.

EUR/USD trending down but may be wedging?

Weekly trend is down.

Daily trend is also down but perhaps a wedge has been formed?

NZD/USD still showing bullish divergence

The weekly chart bullish divergence that I posted about last week is still present.

The bullish moving average cross argues that the daily chart trend is up, albeit weakly.

S&P 500 continues to test trend line

This is big.

ASX 200 no clear trend or edges

Weekly. No clear trend.

Daily. The moving averages argue that the trend is down, but this is within the context of a trading range.

Gold playing with trend line

Last week's "false break lower" call has proven wrong or at least premature. Let's wait and see. These trend lines are part of a sequence of parallel lines going back over a decade that have provided many trading edges in that time.

Silver weekly chart shows completed throw over

Throw over or false upside break means the same thing, and has a bearish implication. Log scale chart.