Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nail. On. Head.

Peter Brandt once again, on the greatest game of all (for me) - trading.

EUR/USD this week's low is key to determining if the USD has turned up

Weekly candlestick chart. If the EUR/USD falls below this weeks low, the trend line break will likely usher in a fresh round of selling.

ASX SPI 200 set to open higher

Daily candlestick chart. The after hours market is currently trading at 4245, up from Wednesday's ASX 200 close of 4183.

AUD/USD rallies

Daily candlestick chart. The rally in the past 24 hours has turned a fledgling down trend in to a muddled picture, at this time frame.

Silver wrestles trend lines

Daily candlestick chart...

Gold still trending up

Daily candlestick chart...