Tuesday, 19 July 2011

S&P 500 Trend Line Break On Hourly Chart

Hourly candlestick chart. Let's look at the daily for context.

Daily chart. To my eyes, no clear trend, but at a point where a new up trend is higher odds than a new down trend.

ASX SPI 200 Testing March and June Lows

Overnight (Oz time) the lows of March and June were tested. Also it appears that the market may have returned to the channel that so neatly contained most of the action from April, May, and June... anyway, that's a side issue. The important question is whether those lows hold in ASX trading, which commences in around 3 hours.

EUR/USD Hourly Chart Testing Trend Line

See the post from 12 hours ago to see a recent daily chart.

Gold Breaks Upwards From Trend Channel

Daily candlestick chart. I wonder if the channel line will now act as support.