Friday, 1 July 2011

Silver Tests Trend Line For Possible Break Lower

Hourly chart for past month. For what it's worth, not parallel to previous lines.

EUR/USD Still Wrestling With Down Trend Line

Daily chart for the past 3 months. EUR/USD is still wrestling with the trend line shown in the earlier post.

Hourly chart for past month shows that the EUR/USD is also wrestling with a trend line at this time frame, parallel to the trend line formed from the June lows.

EUR/USD Tests Down Trend Line

Daily candlestick chart, shows the market testing the trend line drawn from the May high.

Gold Retests Channel And Breaks Lower

Hourly candlestick chart, in the context of a down trend on the daily chart. Gold has retested the previous corrective trend channel, and now broken lower through the trend line formed from market action of recent days, also parallel to the trend line from mid-June.